It can record and store visitors’ contact details, conduct surveys or make catalogues available digitally: The INFOPOINT from Scan2Lead is the ideal support especially for exhibiting companies that want to offer full visitor support despite a downsized stand team.


At trade fair stands, it’s always best when there’s a lot going on. But with how many interested parties can you then not have in-depth conversations due to a lack of time and staff? This is where the Scan2Lead INFOPOINT comes in as a digital supporter for trade fair stands: visitors can scan themselves there independently, leave their data if they are interested, select certain areas of interest, receive information on them and much more. In addition, they receive product catalogues on their mobile phone or tablet, which they previously had to laboriously carry around the trade fair event in paper form. In this way, the INFOPOINT makes a significant contribution to convenience and environmental protection.

The collection of information is another area where the INFOPOINT can shine. Designed by the Scan2Lead developers on the basis of over 15 years of experience in the trade fair sector, the smart all-rounder can also support the implementation of opinion surveys.

The Scan2Lead PORTAL can present visitor data registered at the Scan2Lead INFOPOINT reliably, quickly and, of course, in compliance with data protection requirements for further use. In the PORTAL, information on all scanned visitors from all devices is compiled, stored and displayed in real time. Through a data export or an integrated interface, all lead information can be transferred directly to CRM systems, and statistics and evaluations can also be created.